Current local date and time right now in Barbados

08:25:58 pm
May 22, 2024 Wednesday
This time is 04 hour backward than UTC time.
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Local Time in Barbados

The time in Barbados is 04 hour back of UTC. The GMT offset of Barbados is UTC -04:00. The IANA Time Zone of Barbados is America/Barbados. The Time Zone abbreviation of America/Barbados is AST. Barbados does not practice the Daylight Saving Time(DST) System.

Details for the time in Barbados

Current time:08:25:58 pm
Time zone :AST
IANA time zone:America/Barbados
UTC time difference :-04:00
Your time difference : This time is 04 hour backward than UTC time.

More Details for Barbados

Country Code:BB
Currency Code :BBD
North, South, East, West :13.327257, 13.039844, -59.420376, -59.648922
Capital :Bridgetown
Continent Name :North America (NA)
Languages :en-BB
Telephone Prefix :+1-246

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